Sarah & Ryan - Georgia

We’re always excited to do new things at the Tate House. It’s so beautiful and Sarah and Ryan made it extra classy. They looked stunning and their wedding was so sophisticated. - Sarah loves Pink and what better place to showcase her favorite color than the famous pink-marble mansion!

Fizza & Glen - Georgia

Fizza and Glen’s stunning muslim wedding at the always-amazing Tate House was one gorgeous affair. The fabrics, the colors, the people. These are the wedding opportunities that make us gush about our jobs. The perfect combination of venue and couple. Congratulations Fizza and Glen!

Tiffany & Greg - Georgia

Venue: Primrose Cottage, Roswell, Georgia

Early 2019 brought a lot of rain to Atlanta and Tiffany and Greg’s wedding in Roswell was blessed to rain all day. (We say blessed because we all know that rain is good luck on your wedding day, right?) Lucky for them, they picked the right photographers. We love rain photos! Primrose Cottage weddings are always glamorous, and this day was no exception. Mike Moon and Matt Trivett worked together for this one to showcase the authentic, natural moments that bless every event and also set up stunner photos in the dark. We’re pretty excited about how this one turned out!